Shine From Within volunteer terms and conditions

When applying to volunteer with Shine From Within, you agree to the following (please read this entirely!):

Shine From Within is dedicated to providing a welcoming, nurturing, respectful, FUN space for all of our students to learn evidence-based, holistic, relevant life skills for the modern world. We approach our work with the belief that all people are already perfect and have what they need within. 


All volunteers must adhere to our Code of Conduct, which you can review here as well as agree to uphold our social and environmental impact commitment, which you can read here. 


The main role of a volunteer at our events is to help support and nurture all students. This may occur in the following ways (but is not limited to): 

  • welcoming them upon arrival and helping them settle in
  • having small chats during breaks
  • being true and authentic in yourself as a great role model
  • being interested in them and asking curiously about them
  • giving them space when needed.

At all times volunteers will be supported by a Shine From Within staff member and must not be with young people alone. 

Volunteers will also be willing to follow instructions and support the set up, pack down and running of Shine from Within events, reporting to Leah Castle (Youth Mentor “Mentor”) and Amanda Rootsey (Director).

To volunteer at any Shine From Within events the volunteer must currently be completing or have graduated from our Youth Mentor Training (60+ hours of training). They must provide us with proof that they have completed Module 2 “Duty of Care” worksheets before they can commence any volunteer roles with young people at our events. If it has been two years or more since a volunteer has completed the Youth Mentor training then they must complete a refresher on Duty of Care. Workbook to be supplied to them with enough time for them to complete the workbook before the start of the event.

All volunteers need to have a QLD Blue Card (working with children) or an exclusion card. For volunteers coming from interstate they must also have a QLD Blue Card even if they have a working with children card in another state. A copy of the Blue Card must be provided with proof of identity to Shine From Within at least 6 weeks before the event so that any renewals can be made if needed. All new applications for a blue card will need to be put in 6 weeks in advance.

Photographs and/or video and/or audio recordings and/or interviews may be made during the course/workshop and may feature the students and support staff or volunteers. These may be used for a range of purposes, but principally for marketing purposes. This may include, but is not limited to, demonstrating the course and the fun the students are having in magazines, brochures, newspaper articles, videos, websites and other electronic media. By ticking the box above, you are granting permission for yourself or your child to be photographed/videoed/interviewed on behalf of Shine From Within (or associates) and give permission for the intended uses as stated above. You also agree to release Shine From Within from any and all liability associated with the use by Shine From Within, or a third party, of the photographs/audio/video/interview as set out by this agreement. (Please note that we will happily take down an image of you/your child if you request this of us).

Shine From Within reserves the right to utilise your offer of assistance in any way that is going to be useful and supportive for the program and it's students. If you are accepted as part of the support crew for one of the courses or workshops, you are expected to show up to the best of your ability and assist in any way that you can, happily taking directions from Shine From Within staff. Your role could include greeting and making students feel welcome, assisting in the kitchen to provide meals for students, supervising students during breaks, engaging in class discussions, setting up or packing down classes, cleaning up at the end of the day, taking photos and more. By submitting this application, you also acknowledge that these courses and workshops usually occur on a weekday and you will do your best to make yourself available to be there. Shine From Within will give a reasonable amount of notice about dates and times so you can get organised. If you can't make the dates and times allocated that's perfectly OK. And if you say 'yes' but then have to say 'no' closer to the time, that's OK too, we just ask for as much notice as possible please. By submitting this application, you also acknowledge that Shine From Within reserves the right to cancel a course or workshop at any time.

Please note that accommodation is sometimes provided, if there is availability during the week-long teens course in the venue but cannot be guaranteed. By applying, you acknowledge that you will be responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodation (please ask us if you need accomm though and we'll do our best!).